INSPIRATIONS from Mona Karel

“Success is 10% inspiration 90% perspiration” Thomas Alva Edison

How many times have you heard or read this, and nodded in agreement? Who could disagree? For all we talk about our muses, either with love or angst, it’s what we do with those fabulous ideas that makes the difference between wanna be and published. Body in chair, fingers on keys, word by word until our worlds are built, our endings are satisfactory, and our readers are asking for more.
But still, for each of us there was that first moment of inspiration, whether a book or a painting or a combination of many things, that made us want to put fingers on keyboard (pencil on paper, etc) and build our worlds. Was it a line in a movie, perhaps? The bronze of a Native American dancer, feathers flying? Or…?
My inspirations go deep, and as far back as the library at Crossland High School, and that was a long, long time ago. Sigh. I was of course horse crazy, which seemed much healthier than being boy crazy, but I went through the horse books pretty fast. Looking back I might say Marguerite Henry did a good job of making horse legends into fantasy but I’m digressing. Didn’t take me long to discover the SciFi/Fantasy section and Andre Norton. I’m betting she was the inspiration for a lot of us. She certainly did her best to inspire and encourage genre writers.
There were more later, of course. The list has become endless since then. And I’ve derived even greater inspiration from the fellowship and encouragement of other writers. Where else can you find people who by all rights should be in fierce competition helping each other to do better? Holding release parties and blog tours so their fellow authors can achieve higher sales? Or being willing to set aside their own world building to review someone else’s, and not tear them down for being better?
Which is what makes a group dedicated to the Fellowship of Epic Fantasy Romance so very special. I’m proud and happy to be a small part of such a stellar organization.
What’s your inspiration?

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