To Series or Not to Series?

BrightarrowBurning72LGThe view on whether or not to write series fantasy fiction is much debated, and opinions change every few years. One year, the series is the best thing ever, the next people are looking for stand alones. There’s a tradition of fantasy stories coming in trilogies–thanks to Tolkien–or larger series. So when I started writing, I thought, “I will write stand alone fantasy romances! I will resist the urge to write trilogies.”

Ha! That lasted about the length of time it took me to write my first novel–which quickly turned into a trilogy. (Though I did only publish two of the three books; does that still count?)

Over the course of my career, I have managed to publish quite a few stand alone stories. The problem is all of them have series potential. I’ve started to think writing a series is an almost unavoidable result of the complex world-building that goes into creating fantasy fiction. Once the world is built, it’s easy to see more stories in that world.

Which brings me to some exciting news. I’ve just contracted the sequel to my fantasy romance, BRIGHTARROW BURNING! Currently titled THE DARKNESS OF GLENGOWYN, this fantasy romance is scheduled for a spring 2014 release. And yes, there is a third book following that (the proposal is with my editor now).

I never intended to write more stories in the Brightarrow Burning world. That was a once off, written to be a complete tale (which I think it is), and there weren’t going to be any more. Then two more ideas presented themselves. And what’s worse? I have another potential two story ideas already percolating!

Now, to be fair, each of these stories is a complete romance on its own, with a different couple in each. You at least know going in that the hero and heroine will get their happily-ever-after in that story. But the world proved more interesting and complex than I at first thought. And I just kept writing.

So much for stand alones, right? Ah well.

So what do you prefer as readers? Stand alone stories? Triologies? Full on series? A mixture of types? Where do you stand on the “to series or not to series” debate?

GIVEAWAY: To celebrate my latest contract, I’ll be giving away an ebook copy of BRIGHTARROW BURNING to one random commenter! Just leave your email address (name AT domain DOT com if you prefer) to be entered to win. The contest will run from today August 7th through midnight EST next Tuesday (August  13th). The winner will be announced on Wednesday August 14th on this post.

Happy Reading!

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8 Responses to To Series or Not to Series?

  1. Whoot! Always love seeing a new Isabo book hit the cyber stands. The question begs to be asked, can I wait until the Spring?! 😉

  2. Congratulations, Isabo! I agree with your statement about world building. Triology’s are an excellent method of keeping the world alive. I can’t wait to read the story!

  3. Del Carmen says:

    Congratulations! I can’t wait for the trilogy.– Del Carmen

  4. Linda Thum says:

    One of the problems reading series are those where the story doesn’t end in the bk but you have to read the whole series for the conclusion. I have having to wait.

    • isabokelly says:

      I’m totally with you, Linda. I hate not feeling some sense of conclusion at the end of each book even if there are other things that are left waiting. I still need that sense of satisfaction when I get to the end. Though some of those where you have to read all the books still suck me in, but I wait till all the books are out before I start reading! 🙂

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