Inspiration from close at hand . . .


Writers are often asked where we get our ideas. In truth, that inspiration can come from any number of places. I’ve had dreams that introduced me to a character I needed to meet. I once read a book on gambling in the Wild West that mentioned one man who owned a saloon. He didn’t like small coins, so every morning he threw them out in the streets where young boys waited to get their fair share. I had to wonder what kind of man those boys would grow up to be.P1000261

But when I was starting my Warriors of the Mist, the inspiration for one of the characters was much closer to home. I knew each of the warriors had his own avatar or, in Averel’s case, avatars. It made sense to me that Gideon would have a large raptor and that Duncan would have an owl. Murdoch, a man of few words, would have a reclusive mountain cat. Young Averel had two huge dogs that were both playful and deadly.

That left Kane, the dark warrior. He had to have something special, something different. To my surprise, I found Hob sitting right in my office.  Who else would make a better companion for a man marked from birth by dark magic than a gargoyle! I love Hob and the special relationship he shares with Kane.

Since I suspect that fantasy readers enjoy gargoyles as much as fantasy writers do, I thought I’d share a few of my special friends who not only inspire me, but keep me company when I write.  Enjoy!

Alexis Morgan,  Honor’s Price, Signet Eclipse, Sept. 20142014-01-13 14.28.04

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4 Responses to Inspiration from close at hand . . .

  1. raonaidluckwell says:

    * Laughs * I am helping Rachel from bitten bybooks to make a poll of favored sidekicks, and I had to include Hob! He is just soooo awesome!

  2. alexismorganwriter says:

    Thank you so much! That’s wonderful news! I love Hob so much, too.

  3. nightsmusic says:

    HOB!! I love Hob. I love your collection. How fun is that to write in the midst of a bunch of gargoyles? 🙂

  4. alexismorganwriter says:

    **waving** Hi, Nightmusic! Yeah, I love my gargoyles–and I have more than the ones I posted. I got a set of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” gargoyles for my birthday last year, and I have one who is about 1 cubic foot in size.


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