Spellcasting – Words from the Heart

Cover for Enchantress' Destiny by Beth CaudillOne of the hardest aspects of writing Enchantress’ Destiny was creating the spells my elven princess heroine, Clairessa, cast.  I am not a fan of poetry. Aside from an abiding love of Edgar Allen Poe, I don’t really get poetry at all.  So developing my spells was a haphazard event.

In elementary school, I greatly disliked the limerick assignments.  Matching the rhythm and  verse was almost impossible.  My poems never made sense.  In the TV show Charmed, their spells seemed to rhyme more often than not. And after reading Dr. Suess to my kids, many times over, I’m tired of words that rhyme. Although the rhyming isn’t so bad in The Princess Bride. “Anyone want a peanut?”

Where could I turn for inspiration?

Fortunately, I follow different sites in search of paranormal creature inspiration. One resource I discovered is Deborah Blake.  She used to teach workshops on witchcraft and Wiccan life and writes for Llewellyn. I was lucky enough to take a spellcasting class from her; which helped develop the confidence to write my own spells.  But my backup plan would have been to refer to a book Deborah wrote – Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook: Wonderfully Witchy Blessings, Charms and Spells.

I crafted my own spells, mostly by channeling the emotions of my heroine. Clairessa knew what she wanted to do and that helped make the process easier.  I did tweak each draft a few times, but the process didn’t end up being quite as terrible as I imagined when I started the book.

Sometimes problems are a lot bigger in our heads than they end up being when we tackle them. Below is one of the spells used in Enchantress’ Destiny.

Adding protection to a wooden stave Rowe was making for a gift, Clairessa incanted:

From the forest, straight and true
Awaken this heartwood’s timeless wisdom.
In your wielder’s time of need
May your noble strength protect against attack.
But to protect, the one found true
The gift of glamour, I give to you,
As the forest shields a single tree,
Conceal your wielder from sight.

What do you think?  Have you created your own spells either for fiction or for use in everyday life?

Enchantress’ Destiny is the second novella in the Paranormals of Arilase series. The first novella, Healer’s Fate, is available for $0.99.

Beth Caudill
Discover Love Beyond the Illusions of Fantasy

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