This website was created to make it easier for readers to find epic fantasy romances.

What’s an epic fantasy romance?

It’s a romance novel set in a fantasy world that is not Earth, often featuring magic and/or fantastical beasts. Think Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings, or Westeros from Game of Thrones, if those books were romance novels. Because an epic fantasy romance is also a romance novel, its story revolves around a romantic couple, and it will always end in a “happily ever after.”

In short, an epic fantasy romance is a novel that fulfills all the genre requirements of epic fantasy, and all the genre requirements of romance.

It can be hard to find epic fantasy romances because most sales and review sites tend to lump these books in with all the other types of fantasy romance, such as alternate history, vampire paranormals, werewolf paranormals, etc. Thus this website was created to help readers who are looking for these books to find them.

Check out our Author pages or our Books page for a list of epic fantasy romances. Or look at our list on Goodreads and vote for your favorites!


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