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How many books should there be in a series – by Vijaya Schartz

 I wrote many series, some as short as two books (the Archangel twin books), others as long as eight novels (like the CURSE OF THE LOST ISLE, based on Celtic legends). New authors, and sometimes readers, ask me how long … Continue reading

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Byzantium book 3 – Malaika’s Secret, is out – by Vijaya Schartz

Find it everywhere online, ebook and paperback at: Special Agent Tyler Conrad works security undercover on the Byzantium Space Station and adheres to a strict moral code. When strange beings with wings are murdered, and a dangerous lion wanders … Continue reading

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The ancient Samurai pervades science fiction and Fantasy – by Vijaya Schartz

Not so long ago, I practiced Aikido, a Japanese martial art. I lived in Hawaii at the time, a place of mixed cultures, where part of the population is of Japanese descent. I had a Japanese Sensei, who taught his … Continue reading

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